Product Overview within Solid Dosage - from R&D to GMP

This special process Mass spectrometer will accurately and repeatable monitor and control the drying of the batch in up to 10 dryers. Prima PRO VP will act as 10 indivdual analyzers, and can measure dryer 1 at start at 100% solvent concentration, and dryer 2 under vacuum and at ppm-level – independant of pressure variations in the dryer! On vacuum dryers, filter dryers, freeze dryers, spray dryers.

Fast NIR spectrometer designed for continuous solid dose manufacturing, SentroPAT FO: Drying, blending and granulation monitored online and with multiple diffuse reflectance sensors.  API concentration and homogeneity is measured directly in the tablet feed frame! Version for capsules available, that monitors filling.

SentroPAT BU is a blend homogeneity NIR for use on rotating blenders. The system performs an online API assay prediction while rotating. The heart of SentroPAT BU is a tunable Laser MEMS spectrometer, that supports a resolution of 0.1 nm. Sentroblender for R&D is available for mixing tablet excipients in smaller scale – from 50 ml.

B&W TEK is the world’s largest manufacturer of Raman spectrometers. NanoRam portable Raman spectrometer is used for raw material identification and quality assurance. i-Raman series of portable high resolution Raman spectrometers with 532, 785 and 1064 nm lasers can replace large expensive Raman spectrometers. Video microscope for measurement on tiny objects.

Indatech provides lab and online solutions for NIR and Raman spectrometers. Online Raman is powered by B&W TEK Raman technology. Hyperspectral NIR-imaging shows the distribution of API, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in a tablet. SAM-Spec and Hy-ternity can be used for lyophilisation monitoring in real-time on both cake and vials.

Camo Unscrambler X is a versatile chemometric tool for data evaluation, PCA and model-based prediction. Use Unscrambler X on spectra from NIR and Raman spectrometers to build PLS-model and predict or use PCA (Principal Component Analysis) to analyse data.

Hitec Zang is known for high quality and has a broad range of products and accessories for applications in a lot of different fields. Shown on the picture is an automated crystallization system that uses the Sequip probes for monitoring.

CellZscope monitors drug response on cells for use in drug development and nanoparticles research. State of the art systems for best R&D results. Measures in the incubator both TEER: Trans-epithelial /-endothelial Electrical Resistance and CCL: Cell Layer Capacity.