We have chosen exactly the equipment, we would want if we had our own lab or a process plant.

Bent Svanholm

Svanholm.com was founded in 2009, after Bent Svanholm had left his position as PAT-coordinator (FDA’s Process Analytical Technology strategy) and Team Manager for the analytical section.

We are mainly working in Pharma & Biotech, Biofuel and catalytic research, with fermentation, gas analyzers and solid dose manufacturing as focus areas.

Svanholm.com act in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, representing well established, innovative and marked leading suppliers of systems, analyzers and sensors for biotech and pharma applications.
As a Svanholm.com customer, you have the possibility to test most of the sensors and analyzers, before you decide to purchase. Ask us for a test.

On the solid dose manufacturing side PAT solutions for the pharmaceutical industry have to be robust, reliable, and compliant to GMP regulations.
Svanholm.com is partner of Sentronic, offering turnkey solutions for a wide range of batch based or continuous process steps in the production of solid dose pharmaceuticals.
The Thermo Scientific proces mass spectrometer for solvent drying, is an excellent tool for monitoring and control of up to 10 dryers.

For Biofuel R&D as well as production, Svanholm.com offers analyzers for optimization and control.

The main Upstream products are

– Thermo Scientific Prima PRO Massespektrometer for fermentor offgas
– Aber Instruments capacitance probe for Viable Cell Density
– Exner OD probe for Optical Density
– Buglab advanced OD-probe for high RPM high aeration fermentation of microbial cultures
– SecureCell Lucullus PIMS software for controlling all brands of fermenter hardware
– SecureCell Numera automatic sampling system with connection to analyzers

The primary PAT tools are
– Thermo Scientific Prima PRO VP mass spectrometer for vacuum-drying
– Sentronic NIR spectrometer for blend homogenity on rotating blenders
– Sentronic NIR spectrometer for drying, granulation and blending of powder

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Louise Svanholm
+45 53 60 58 11