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NanoAnalytics, an advanced and independent testing laboratory company established in 1999, providing analytical services. The team is specialized in the characterization of surfaces and interfaces on the micro- and nanometer scale as well as morphology and chemical composition.

The cellZscope brand has been developing drastically over the years. We do no longer offer the original cellZscope device as its successors have overtaken the processes for measuring the transepithelial or transendothelial electrical impedance of cell layers under physiological conditions. We do, however, offer an upgrade from the original cellZscope to the new cellZscope+.

cellZscope E

The cellZscopeE is an economically priced entry-level model with several upgrading options. It comes with a handy cell module with 6 wells, can be autoclaved without disassembly, and it even works with the same electrodes as the cellZscope+ and cellZscope 2. The cellZscopeE ensures simple operations, maximum flexibility, excellent reliability and long term measurement under physiological conditions

cellZscope 2

The cellZscope 2 is a new and improved version of the original cellZscope. It measures 6 wells at the time, giving faster total acquisition time for 24 wells and more frequent analysis of TEER and Cell Layer Capacity (CCL). The wells are easier to clean, and the overall design allows easier handling, as only the light-weight top is being removed from the autoclave for handling. No tools are needed and cables remain.

cellZscope +

The cellZscope+ is a redesigned version of the original cellZscope device. It features easy readout parameters: TER and CCL of the cell layer, and has full compatibility with a broad range of standard cell culture inserts. Its cell module can be loaded with 24 inserts simultaneously. It's computer-controlled and allows automated fast process monitoring as well as reliable long term measurements over days and weeks.