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Founded in 2013, Iprasense has its headquarters located in Montpellier, France. Development and commercialization of innovative cell culture monitoring equipment is the main focus area for the firm. The crucial approaches leading Iprasense are based on the early Research and Development efforts along with market knowledge to develop and commercialise time lapse imaging, video microscopy and cell analysers for real-time monitoring of cell culture.

iPRASENSE produces and delivers quality products within cell culture monitoring, lens-free imaging, video microscopy and time-lapse imaging. Here is what we can offer through iPRASENSE:

Norma XS

The Norma XS is designed for fast counting of mammalian cells. The holographic principle is used to count live and dead cells - no optics or focus. There is no need for staining, which saves time and increases accuracy. No need for dilution up to 50 million cells/mL. Accuracy including operator influence is under 3 %.

Norma HT

The Norma HT supports up to 96 well plate cultures. It uses lens-free imaging technology to rapidly measure viable cell count and viability. It is the most simple automatic benchtop cell counter for High throughput parallel culture monitoring. The sample images are processed by the HORUS software, which returns the number of counted cells, the viability and the cell size.


The CytoNote is designed to monitor adherent cells in the incubator, making time-lapse videos. It supports T-flasks, petri dishes and well plates.

CytoNote 6W

The CytoNote 6W is an improved version of the original CytoNote. This 6 channel product has 6 detectors for 6-well plate.