Product Overview within Fermentation and Cell Culture has built up expertise in optimization of fermentation and Cell culture cultivations. Most noteworthy, we can provide accurate information from your bioprocess, using analysers and sensors, and in addition interface with existing hardware and analysers for precise control.

We have several Cell density probes, a very accurate mass spectrometer for offgas monitoring, an automatic sampling system that takes, handles, stores and analyses samples 24/7-365, and a unique software package that connects to everything – even all brands of fermenter hardware. Hence, no more limitations due to hardware capabilities!

Thermo Scientific process mass spectrometers are recognised by the Scanning Magnetic Sector system. Prima BT is a process MS designed for lab operation, connecting up to 14 fermentors. You get OUR, CER, RQ and measurement of O2, CO2, H2, CH4, EtOH, MeOH, propanol, butanol, furfural and all volatile metabolites.

Lucullus PIMS (Process Information Management System) is an advanced, but user friendly, software package for fermentation. With Lucullus, you can get more from your fermenter hardware, as you can easily connect analysers, balances, pumps and MFC’s. Lucullus analyses data to give an efficient control of the process. All fermenter-brands can be controlled by Lucullus.

SecureCell’s Numera is a modular system for sample-taking, sample preparation and at-line analysis, running 24/7-365. It features multiplexer up to 16 bioreactors, automatic dilution, protein precipitation, reaction chamber, efficient filtering with new filter for each sample, storage in closed cooled vials and fast glucose analysis. It even connects to HPLC and analysers.

Applikon manufactures fermenters and bioreactors, as well as innovative solutions to replace shakers, RAMBio and 24 miniature fermenters in one system, micro-Matrix. MiniBio bioreactors from 250 mL to 1 L have all functions, like the larger EZ-control systems. Applikon systems are controlled by SecureCell’s Lucullus PIMS software.

ABER Instruments’ Viable Cell Density probes, the Futura series, also known as capacitance probes, for fermentation, cell culture and biofuel applications – and filamentous. Due to the special measurement principle, only cells with intact cell membrane are measured. All probes endure SIP, CIP and autoclave.

Buglab BE3000 OD probes for E.Coli and yeast minimises the disturbance from bubbles when high aeration and high stirring rate is applied. An algorithm filters out the signal from the cells, in order to get excellent correlation to DCW. Unlike any other OD probe, Buglab BE3000 features a linear correlation to offline measurements, over a three decade range.

Exner probes for Optical Density (OD) are robust and compact probes with a very high sensitivity and wide range (7 AU). The probes are not only suitable for brewery, cell culture cultivation and fermentation, but also for turbidity and colour measurements. The probes come with a wide range of process connections. All probes endure SIP, CIP and autoclave.

IpraSense CytoNote Counter is designed for fast counting of mammalian cells in laboratory and process environment. A holographic principle is used to count live and dead cells. There is no need for staining, which saves time and accuracy. There is no need for dilution up to 50 million cells/mL. Accuracy including operator influence is better than 3 %.

BlueSens gas-sensors come as single channel, BCP for O2, CO2, H2, CH4 and EtOH. As dual-channel they are called BlueInOne and measure O2 and CO2 from fermenters and bioreactors. BlueVis software enables control and logging of the data. Yieldmaster system is used for strain selection in biogas R&D.

2mag Bioreactor48 is a system with 48 single use mini fermenters in 10 mL scale with pH and DO spots. Easy to use for strain development and media optimisation. kLa and full functionality as 2 L fermentors with robotic system – or as stand-alone batch system. Bioreactor8 and 48 are designed for bacteria, yeast and fungi.

Indatech provides online solutions for NIR and Raman spectrometers. Viserion is for biotech. It measures substrates, cells and metabolites in cell culture and fermentation applications.