Exner Process Equipment

Exner Process Equipment focuses on development and production of control systems and quality armatures by integrating process sensors of variable parameters such as pH/ORP, oxygen, conductivity and optical sensors. Exner is based in Germany, Ettlingen and it collaborates with a wide variety of industrial sectors around the globe. The company is ISO9000 certified and offers a vast majority of process solutions to meet next to all demands and requests. Consulting and application services offered by the company allow it to build and maintain a longtime business relation with many industrial sectors, such as water treatment, power plant, pharmaceuticals and others.

Exner products are outstanding because of their precision and long-lasting fabrication. The company is on the market for over 20 years, and thanks to its exceptional experience and innovative capacity, it has developed a unique sensor “EXcell” (12mm diameter) which represents Exner’s professionalism.


Exner offers…