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Thermo Scientific process mass spectrometers are recognized by their Scanning Magnetic Sector mass filter, giving unique stability over months of operation, high accuracy from low ppm level to high %-level and capability to easy deconvolute overlapping peaks from the large range of possible gasses. The series cover from 1 to 64 inlets and for many applications.

ABER Instruments Viable Cell Density probes, the Futura series, also known as capacitance probes, for cell culture, fermentation and biofuel applications – and filamentous. Due to the special measurement principle, only cells with intact cell membrane are measured. All probes endure SIP, CIP and autoclave.

SecureCell Numera is a modular system for sample-taking, sample preparation and at-line analysis, running 24/7-365. Get a fully automated sample collection from your process: Multiplexer, automatic precise dilution, solvent or reagent addition with reaction chamber, efficient filtering with new filter for each sample, storage in cooled vials or well plates.

Exner turbidity sensors feature long lifetime with accurate measurement and with a broad working range. Possibility for mg/l, ppm, EBC, FAU, TEF, AU analog measurements. Sensors can be mounted in static and retractable fittings. For optimal phase separation, filter/centrifuge control or water treatment.

BlueSens measure concentration of gasses in compact design. Sensors measure online O2, CO2, H2, CH4 and EtOH. Output signal is 4-20 mA or bus-signal or for BlueVis software. BlueInOne measure O2 and CO2 and give 2x 4-20 mA signals. These gas-sensors are ideal for gas measurements in biogas, bioprocesses and life science applications.


Marimex viscometers are maintenance free and designed for inline measurement. Robust design with no moving part to clean. Ideal system for use in evaporator control, slurry concentration, viscosity control, mixing applications and automatic diluting.


Centec manufacture ultrasonic sensors for inline concentration measurements in liquids with the possible units: °Brix, °Plato, weight percent and molar concentration. The ultrasonic system is suitable for phase separations, reaction monitoring and concentration control.

Camo Unscrambler X is a versatile chemometric tool for data evaluation, PCA and model-based prediction. Use Unscrambler X on spectra from NIR and Raman spectrometers to build PLS-model and predict or use PCA (Principal Component Analysis) to analyse data.

SentroPAT FO full-spectrum NIR measurement for batch or continuous solid dose manufacturing: Granulation, drying and blending applications are monitored online with single or several sensors. Fast system suitable for fast moving processes.

Indatech provides online solutions for NIR and Raman spectrometers. SAM-Spec and Hy-ternity can be used for lyophilisation monitoring in real-time on both cake and vials. Viserion is for biotech; in cell culture and fermentation.