Produkt oversigt indenfor Cellekultur Forskning og Mikrobiologi

Baker Ruskinn provide solutions for cell biology, stem cell and regenerative medicine, including accurate and stable anaerobic chambers, hypoxia workstations, and precise oxygen regulation in culture media. Sci-tive is the flexible system with many sizes and shapes.

The Lumascope is a highly versatile, compact inverted fluorescence microscope that provides high resolution images comparable to those from traditional, high-cost microscopes.
Lumascopes easily record your photos, time-lapse series, and live videos directly to your computer.
We can deliver a Lumascope mounted in a Baker Ruskinn bench.

The cellZscope from nanoAnalytics is a device for measuring the transepithelial / -endothelial impedance of cell layers under physiological conditions. It is computer-controlled and allows automated, long-term monitoring experiments in the incubator with up to 24 different cell cultures simultaneously or 24 different exposures. It also measures CCL: Cell Layer Capacity.

The cellZscope 2 is a new and improved version of original cellZscope. It measures 6 wells at the time, giving faster total acquisition time for 24 wells and more frequent analysis of TEER and CCL: Cell Layer Capacity. The wells are easier to clean, and the overall design allows easier handling, as only the light-weight top is being removed from the autoclave for handling. No tools are needed and cables remain.

IpraSense CytoNote is designed to monitor adherent cells in the incubator, making time-lapse videos. CytoNote supports T-flask, petri dish and well plates. 6 channel Cytonote has 6 detectors for 6-well plate. Scanning Cytonote supports up to 96 well plate.

IpraSense CytoNote Counter is designed for fast counting of mammalian cells. The holographic principle is used to count live and dead cells – no optics or focus. No need for staining, which saves time + accuracy. No need for dilution up to 50 million cells/ml. Accuracy including operator influence is under 3%.

Cell Culture Technologies develop and manufacture special media mixtures, tailormade to the actual application. Cell Culture Technologies offers technology transfer programs to generate recombinant glycoproteins, monoclonal antibodies, viral particles and cells in fully synthetic culture environments.

Baker Ruskinn New InvivO2 is the Physoxia Workstation. It ensures stable in vivo conditions in which to perform true physiological low oxygen controlled cell culture. It is available as InvivO2 300, 400, 500 with a larger interlock and 1000; dual chamber and center interlock.

Baker Ruskinn New Concept 1000 is a dual chamber Anaerobic Workstation. It ensures a stable anaerobic environment to not stress the oxygen sensitive microorganisms. New Concept also comes as 400 and 500.

Baker Ruskinn New Concept 400-M is the version for Microaerophilic organisms, where oxygen level can be controlled from 0,0% to 23% in 0,1% increments.
SPES option (Single Plate Entry System) is available. Hyperoxia option allows control up to 100% O2.

Baker Ruskinn Bugbox and the Bugbox Plus are small anaerobic workstations, which replace working with jars. Payback time for a Bugbox is typically less than 2 years, and offers greater flexibility and quicker results. Bugbox-M is the Microaerophilic equivalent.