Cell Culture Technologies

Founded in 1992, Cell Culture Technologies is a Swiss biotech company that works with different biotech applications and has profound knowledge in many professional know-hows. Since its foundation, the company has significantly increased its proprietary technology. Cell Culture Technologies also started establishing long-standing collaboration agreements with translational research centers, biopharma companies and vaccine manufacturers. The new cooperation projects are established with a big range of companies, from start-up to worldwide leading companies. Due to the recent statistics of the company, Cell Culture Technologies was chosen to be the partner of choice for the development and application of highly specific cell culture media and methods by more than a hundred institutions.


Technology transfer programs offered by Cell Culture Technologies generate recombinant glycoproteins, monoclonal antibodies, viral particles and cells in fully synthetic culture environments.

In order to provide pharma/biotech companies with protein- and peptide-free minimal culture media, Cell Culture Technologies operates within two scales. The company either produces in its own R&D laboratory, or in collaboration with B. Braun Medical AG, an international leader in the field of medical and pharmaceutical products. By the means of cultivating CHO cells and hybridomas in Cell Culture Technologies’ minimal media, a number of companies have developed their pipelines. The quality of production of the proprietary CHO cell line is proved and now considered one of the most promising host cell lines for the development of next-generation bioprocesses, including manufacturing of biosimilars. Latest experimental evidence emphasises the efficacy of chemically defined culture media for human stem cells and stem cell lines developed by Cell Culture Technologies.