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BugLab was established in 2003 by several engineers and scientists with passion and commitment directed towards developing more efficient biomass measurement equipment involved in fermentation and microbial cultures. The company’s focus is in the field of developing and providing innovative and high quality products in the Biomass market that are intuitive and easy to use. In BugLab’s laboratory, every product is individually manufactured and put through a rigorous QC and testing procedure.

BugLab develops monitoring devices, including solutions for optical density measurements. OD sensors are different from the ones designed by the classical approach. BugLab’s technology operates on backlight scattering, utilizing multiple laser and detector pairs. With the technology of this company, measurements of OD can be made without dilution or liquid handling, over a wide and linear range of OD. Because of the progress made within their development, BugLab’s technology gives highly accurate readings.

BE3000 for example is, opposed to any other cell density probe, almost insensitive to bubbles in the media. The BE3000 online reading has a linear correlation with offline, i.e., DCW (Dry Cell Weight) over a very wide range.

Each of the products offered by BugLab includes intuitive windows compatible software and USB connectivity that allows data downloads, analysis, calibration and real time data acquisition parameter modification.

proBE 3000 Fiber Optic Total Biomass Sensor

With one single sensor, the proBE 3000 micro sensor uses a near infrared laser to measure on-line, real time biomass in fermentors from 0.01 to 200 g/L dry cell weight, without dilution and without sampling.

OD Scanner for Shake Flasks

There is no more need to open shake flasks to evaluate biomass. Within 6 seconds your result will be ready by just pointing the sensor into the shake flask. You can forget about wasted samples and dilutions!

BE2100 Sensor

The BE2100 is a non-invasive biomass monitoring system manufactured for use in both research, laboratory and industrial environments. It offers non-stop, online and real time measurements of biomass of your fermentation culture.

BE2400 Noninvasive Biomass Multiplexer

The BE2400 is occupying one of the main positions among the new additions of the non-invasive biomass monitoring systems made by BugLab. They are devised for multiple uses: both in laboratory and industrial environments.