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Camo Unscrambler X multivariate Data Analysis software

The Unscrambler X is used by thousands of researchers and data analysts around the world.
The latest release includes a 64-bit version, giving significantly faster processing of large data sets and improved stability and security.

The Unscrambler X is recognized for its ease of use and data visualization, with powerful predictive modeling capabilities and state-of-the-art regression and classification methods.

The Unscrambler X offers:
Powerful data analysis methods:
• Descriptive statistics & statistical tests
• Pre-processing: Smoothing, Savitzky-Golay, COW
• Exploratory data analysis e.g. Cluster Analysis, PCA, MCR
• Regression methods including MLR, PCR, PLSR, L-PLS
• Classification methods including SIMCA, LDA, SVM, PLS-DA
• Design of Experiments, Response Surfaces etc

Wide range of data formats accepted:
The Unscrambler X is OPC ready and accepts data from a wide range of instruments, including:
• ASCII (CSV, text)
• Brimrose
• OPUS (Bruker)
• Databases
• Excel
• CLASS-PA & SpectrOn
• Indico
• MatLab
• NetCDF
• PerkinElmer
• Varian

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