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Thermo Prima PRO & Prima BT MS for Catalytic Research

A Thermo Prima Pro is NOT a Quadrupole mass spectrometer.

It is a far more advanced and versatile mass spectrometer with a Scanning Magnetic Sector mass filter, which makes it ideal for catalytic research with measurement of many components.

Prima Pro offers the following advantages over a Quadrupole MS:

- Very low maintenance and Auto-calibration once per month!

- Accurate measurement from ppm-level to %-level for quantification!

- Extreme ability to separate components with overlapping masses!

- Ability to outperform a GC with faster and more precise multi-channel   measurements!

- Multi gas-stream with 32 or 64 channels with many components from each!

- High energy system gives a more contaminant resistant system!

Other applications:
Thermo Prima Pro & Prima BT MS for Offgas
Thermo Prima Pro & Prima BT MS for Biofuel

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Thermo Prima Pro MS
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