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Mass Spectrometer for gas analysis
A process Mass Spectrometer can be used a lot of different applications, as the broad range from 1 to 200 g/mol covers a lot of different gasses. Especially the Thermo Scientific Prima Pro MS with Scanning Magnetic Sector mass filter is able to measure even complex mixtures with many components, and from up to 62 connected Fermentors and Bioreactors!
Prima Pro is the best MS for de-convoluting complex mixtures with many components, and can often replace the slower and specific GC-MS.

Sentinel Environmental MS
The Thermo Scientific Sentinel Pro sets a new standard for fast, reliable and flexible environmental analytics.
It reliably monitors multi-component VOCs in seconds and enables immediate chemical leak detection for improved plant safety.
A rugged design along with infrequent calibration ensures maximum uptime.

SOLA sulfur Analyzer
SOLA II is a very reliable On-Line analyzer for determination of Total Sulfur in: Diesel, Gasoline, Naphtha, LPGs, Natural Gas, Ethylene & Propylene.

Flo-Cal Calorimeter
The easy-to-maintain Thermo Scientific Flo-Cal online, high-speed calorimeter measures the heating value of combustible gases in either Wobbe Index or Calorific Value.
This fieldproven analyzer optimizes plant operations by offering fast response and reliable, continuous operation.

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