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NEW: Thermo Prima PRO VP mass spectrometer

The unique and very recognized Scanning Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometer from Thermo Scientific, Prima PRO, has now been launched in a new version for pharmaceutical solvent drying applications.
The new MS is called Prima PRO VP, where VP stands for the special Variable Pressure inlet.

Prima PRO VP is capable of monitoring up to 10 dryers, without any disturbance from pressure variations.
This enables an accurate and repeatable online monitoring and quantification of several solvents measured in the exhaust from the dryers, which can be directly used for controlling the dryers.

The "raw material" to be dried is typically not very consistent from batch to batch, which makes accurate control difficult. Prima PRO VP solves this issue by providing an accurate measurement from start to finish, regardless of the pressure.

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Thermo Prima PRO VP MS
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