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Thermo Prima PRO and Prima BT MS for Fermentor Offgas

Prima PRO mass spectrometer is especially suitable for measuring fermentor offgas, where almost all components are measured fast and precise.
This is very useful for establishing a mass balance as it leaves no unknown components.
The unique flat topped peak from the Scanning Magnetic Sector system is a key element in this performance, and helps Prima PRO being the best MS for de-convoluting complex mixtures with many components. A simple example is N2, CO and Ethylene who all have mass 28 g/mol.
Prima PRO gives a precise individual reading of each of these components, using isotopes and ratios + the long experience working with Process MS.

In addition Prima PRO has very low detection limits, enabling measurements from ppm-level and very linear up to 100%.
Stability of this system is extreme, where an auto-calibration once a month is sufficient for achieving high accuracy.
Compared to a Quadrupole MS, like Thermo ProLab, FTIR systems and acoustic systems, Prima PRO easily exceeds every specification - some are even 100-fold better.
If there are new requirements, the measurement of new components can be easily implemented.

With this technology the R&D Scientist can thrust the accurate data, without any trouble or frequent maintenance.
The reliability is important when used for process control, as well as the ability to measure many gas-streams independently of each other.

Often a Prima PRO is connected to 30 or 60 fermentors, as the only analyzer in a whole building with i.e. R&D and Pilot plant.

Other applications:
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Thermo Primo Pro MS for Offgas
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