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Thermo Prima PRO and Prima BT MS for Biofuel

The unique and very recognized Scanning Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometer from Thermo Scientific, Prima dB, has been improved with even better specifications.
The new MS is called Prima PRO, and has won the ISA Innovation Award in 2010.

From ppm-level to 100% concentration, Prima PRO measures a lot of components in the connected gas-streams.
New components are easily implemented.

Stability is extreme, where an auto-calibration once a month is sufficient for achieving high accuracy.
Compared to a Quadrupole MS, like Thermo ProLab, Prima PRO exceeds every specification.
Prima PRO is the best MS for de-convoluting complex mixtures with many components, and can often replace the slower and specific GC-MS.

By accurate monitoring the production of the desired biofuel component and the byproducts, a Thermo Prima PRO Mass Spectrometer can act as a cornerstone in analytical functionality, closing the mass balance and bringing understanding of the process kinetics.

One single Prima PRO will measure all processes from pretreatment to fermentation, covering development, pilot plant and production.
From each gas-stream giving accurate measurement of the key components like Ethanol, Hydrogen, CO2, Furfural, O2, H2S, Methanol, Propanol, Butanol, Isobutanol, Pentanol, Isoprene, Farnesane and many more.

Other applications:
Thermo Prima PRO & Prima BT MS for Offgas
Thermo Prima PRO & Prima BT MS for Catalyst Research

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Thermo Primo Pro MS for Biofuel
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