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NyONE is a fully automated cell imager designed to simplify the screening, detection and classification of cells as an integral step of your research, development and production process. The NyONE contains a bright field and three fluorescence channels for imaging the cells. It features mechanical robustness, optical quality and functionality and a surprisingly small footprint.

In generating high resolution images the NyONE displays every tiny detail necessary to identify an individual cell that you're searching for or to count it as one of many in a cell culture plate. NyONE employs fast non-invasive brightfield imaging to minimize cell stress and three fluorescence light sources for a detailed analysis of cell status. The workflow oriented software assists you to navigate the system and provides comprehensive and flexible tools to analyze high numbers of samples.

Furthermore, the stage port of NyONE accommodates all SBS-standard microplates. The system also embodies a precisely synchronized optomechanical set-up. The sharp and contrasted brightfield image is complemented with fluorescence imaging in up to three different excitation channels and six detection channels. In order to provide the consistens high image quality necessary for automated image analysis, the NyONE features homogeneous illumination in whole well images and a robust and precise autofocus.

Salient benefits
- Accurate measurements using non-invasive brightfield and fluorescence imaging
- Adherent and suspension cells
- Complete documentation of cellular growth
- Excellent well edge illumination of microplates
- Ultrafast electronic switched excitation sources (less than 5 ms)
- Ultrafast filter wheel (40 ms changing time) - Runs a complete scan of a 96-well microplate in about 5 minutes
- Intuitive workflow to setup your experiment
- Achieves extraordinary image quality
- Performs automated HQ image analysis in parallel with image acquisition
- Uses the flexibility of automated image analysis to improve the handling of your cellular assays.

NyONE applications
Typical NyONE applications in the noninvasive brightfield mode include the monitoring of cell growth and state during culture, single cell cloning, cell confluence. Cell counting and cell viability testing for suspension cells with Trypan blue is another standard brightfield assay. Fluorescence assays comprise testing for cytotoxicity, cell viability, apoptosis as well as transfection efficiency.

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