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Cellavista is a fully automated cell imager designed for the characterization of cells as an integral step of your research, development and production process. Using image cytometry with the Cellavista many labor intensive processes can be streamlined: images from a large number of samples are automatically converted into unbiased numbers for cell culture status. The Cellavista generates high resolution images to resolve every tiny detail, necessary to identify and classify individual cells as the one you need to find or to count it as one of many in a cell culture plate.

The Cellavista system also increases speed and control of essential parameters in cell line development, including transfection efficiency, colony ID, and isolation and media optimization.

The Cellavista combines proven brightfield capabilities with innovative fluorescence optics. In addition to an enormous imaging speed and image quality, this easy-to-use combination opens up a powerful basis for a number of new opportunities for cellular assays.

Salient benefits
- Run a complete scan of a 96-well microplate within 240 seconds
- Achieve brilliant image quality using specialized optics and laser-based auto focus mechanisms
- Perform automated multi processor image analysis and acquistition at the same time utilizing the full potential of the PC
- Obtain complete documentation of cellular growth
- Benefit from comprehensive graphical output, including whole-plate overviews, histograms, scatter plots, and time charts
- Save time and resources compared to conventional microscopy
- Obtain reliable results using non-invasive techniques
- Use the Cellavista system for all of your assays

Cellavista applications
The Cellavista supports a vast range of applications in cellular research and development, including:
- Single cell cloning
- Cell confluence
- Suspension cell courts
- FACS seeding efficiency control
- Cell nuclei count and characterization
- Transfection efficiency
- Microplate quality control
- Viral plaque assays
- Fluorescent cell profiling
- Cell death and apoptosis assays - and many more fluorescence applications

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