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SynenTec GmbH, a company established in 2005 to develop and manufacture hardware and software devices for automated cell imaging systems e.g. for the cell line development and stemcell research.


Synentec offers Cellavista, an image-based platform for automated multiparameter cell analysis; and NyONE, a fully automated cell imager designed to simplify the screening, detection and classification of cells. Both products can be found as an integral step of your R&D and production process.

Cellavista cell imager
The Cellavista product is a fast and flexible image-based platform with brightfield and multiple fluorescence capabilities delivering excellent results for a broad range of cellular applications.

NyONE compact image cytometry
The NyONE product is a fully automated cell imager converting cell culture images into meaningful data; based on an unbiased classification of cells according to defined parameters, such as cell morphology, cell size and fluorescence intensity.

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