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SOLA II sulfur analyzer

Sulfur Detection in Parts per Million (ppm)
During biofuel processing, sulfur can be present in bioethanol product if sulfuric acid is used for hydrolysis or if the hydrolysis of plant cell structures frees up amino acids and other sulfur containing proteins.

Residual sulfur can also be found in biodiesel, especially when sulfuric acid is used to fix the end-point of the transesterification process.

By implementing the Thermo Scientific SOLA II, biofuel producers replace labor-intensive laboratory grab samples with online analysis to continuously receive process sulfur data, enabling rapid determination of sulfur contamination sources and timely corrective action.

As a result, biofuel producers employing continuous manufacturing processes prevent a sulfur contamination spike from adulterating the finished product as well as negate the possibility of undetected sulfur by offline analysis.

By providing reliable online sulfur detection, the SOLA II ensures higher product quality, greater operational efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs.

- Bioethanol sulfur contamination
- Biodiesel sulfur contamination
- Total sulfur in Diesel, Gasoline, Naphtha, LPGs, Natural Gas, Ethylene
  & Propylene

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SOLA II sulfur analyzer
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