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CerCell Single Use Bioreactors

R&D, Process Development, Pilot Plant and GMP production with mammalian Cell Culture cultivations are often using a SingleUse bioreactor with SingleUse sensors.
Savings on capital costs are significant, time from order to first cultivation is short and safety against contaminations is high.

CerCell provides a scalable perfusion system, which is suitable for all segments. The bioreactor features easy scale-up from small bioreactors to 1000x larger volumes.

A speciality is the build-in perfusion functionality, where the cells are located in a matrix. The unique design gives all cells the same environment, and ensures a high growth rate and long runs.

In practise it is possible to use your existing fermentor system together with these bioreactors, and thereby achieving a far higher yield.

Svanholm.com has made own cultivations in CellTank at Bioneer north of Copenhagen.
We are happy to show you the data from these cultivations.

Microbial Single Use Fermentors are also available.


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CerCell CellTank Single Use
Bioreactor for perfusion

CellTank with Single Use
Pressurized pH
Optical DO
Viable Cell Density
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