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With Sentronic core competence in photonics, the combination of optical technologies and micro electronics results in high-tech products combined with comprehensive services. Sentronic focus is the development and manufacturing of OEM systems and complete analysers for the chemcial, pharmaceutical and life science industry. Having 15 years of experience in process spectroscopy, Sentronic delivers complete solutions and OEM systems based on NIR and UV/VIS spectroscopy.


Blend Uniformity
This wireless light-weight NIR analyzer uses a laser based MEMS spectrometer for powder blending monitoring.
SentroPAT BU has Wifi for real-time data transfer and control of the blending.
Besides monitoring the blending profile, and if the powder de-blends (segregation), the use of chemometrics will also monitor the API assay.

Granulation, Drying, Continuous solid dose manufacturing
Sentronic has designed SentroPAT FO with SentroProbe DR LS as a solution for process control of powder manufacturing.
This is not another lab-instrument being used in process environment, but a dedicated process analyzer designed to handle the issues found in real process: Fast moving samples, in-homogeneuos samples, varying distance or product height, different size of particles, low reflection of the light, several sample locations for multiplexing.

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