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Sensors for fermentation and cell culture

Gas-sensors for fermentation, biogas and catalytic R&D
BlueSens Gas-sensors has a series of small transmitters for measurement of gas concentration. These measure O2, CO2, H2, ethanol and CH4.

Dual Gas-sensors for fermentation and cell culture
BlueSens Gas-sensors BlueInOne transmitters are designed to measure the offgas of a fermentor or a bioreactor. They have build-in both O2 and CO2 sensor, and even pressure- and moisture-compensation.

Optical DO and Polarographic DO
This optical oxygen sensor will measure the dissolved oxygen concentration accurately down to 10 ppb. This sensor uses fluorescence rather than acid, anode and cathode like traditional oxygen sensors.
You get a very stable sensor with very little maintenance, and it can even be used as stand-alone or connected to traditional oxygen transmitter.

The 12 mm pH electrodes are designed for improved performance and reliability in cell culture and fermentation applications.
A pH electrode includes the reference and sensing electrodes, and an electrical connector. Electrodes with VP (VarioPin) connector, has build-in Pt100 sensor, for temperature compensation.
All fermentation pH electrodes endure SIP, CIP and are autoclavable

BlueSens BCP Gas-sensor

BlueSens BlueInOne

Optical DO and Polarographic DO

pH in fermentation + cell culture
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