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Until now, the substrate and metabolite concentration – or even their specific consumption and formation rates – have rarely been used for bioprocess control. However, it is these variables which determine the quality of the bioprocess. The reason for this is the fact that there has been no measuring instrument available on the market which enables glucose and other metabolites to be measured quickly and precisely across a wide range of concentrations – until now, that is.

With SecureCell's MetaMaster measuring system for glucose, lactate and other metabolites involved in metabolism you can for example reliably measure and control the specific glucose absorption rate. The MetaMaster provides fast measurements, which are highly precise and accurate.

Measurements are carried out photometrically based on an enzymatic colour reaction. Also when it comes to measurements you can carry out 10 measurements per hour. In fact, measurements can be taken 24/7, and you can control specific conversion rates. It has a measuring range of 0,01 - 40,0 g/l glucose. Precision and accuracy are both at <1.0%

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