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Lucullus PIMS

Lucullus PIMS is a piece of software that allows the user to monitor, evaluate and control bioprocesses and offers an extensive toolbox for analyzing process data cross platforms. It features evaluation procedures and report generation at the touch of a button and a uniform user interface for reactors and devices.

Lucullus PIMS unifies the core competences of the process development in one system. It assists and supports you with an extensive toolbox for the design of experiments and optimum utilization of resources. It also supports you in the production and reverse documentation of media and feed solutions proving a well thought-out recipe and media administration using barcode and QR readers throughout the entire preparation process.

Lucullus PIMS directly provides you with the desired information – at the touch of a button!

License Models
Lucullus is available with different license levels. The number of required licenses depends on the selected architecture and the number of bioreactors and devices that are connected. Switching from one model to another is possible at any time.

Lucullus PIMS uses an Oracle database and is authorized for the following operating systems:
- Linux CentOS Distribution (64 Bit)
- Windows 7 (Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate 64 Bit)
- Windows 8 (Professional/Enterprise 64 Bit)
- Windows 10 (Professional/Enterprise 64 Bit)

For a full list of Lucullus PIMS' functions, download this PDF-file.

Lucullus PIMS can be supplied in three different architectures: either the Stand Alone Edition, the Client Server Edition or the Enterprise Edition.

The Stand Alone Edition is used for up to 8 different bioreactors or one multi-bioreactor system on one computer.

The data are stored in a local Oracle database. The process data can be accessed over a local computer or a remote network link.

Process interactions can be executed on the local computer in the laboratory. It is advised to use a data safety system (RAID) on the local computer to make sure your valuable process data are secured.

The Client-Server Edition is used for larger installations of Lucullus when different laboratories are equipped with the software.

The distributed architecture allows data to be stored in a safe location while the front end user interfaces are located near the bioreactors.

Data can be retrieved in the office directly from the data server over the network. Data from different laboratories can be compared and used to manage the process control as well as to make evaluations and decisions on the further process development.

For even larger plants with Lucullus installations in different sites (even in different countries) the Enterprise Edition is used. This version connects different installations of Lucullus and allows in the fly conversion and translation of process data.

If authorized, the user can view and compare data from different sites. This can either be between a production site and a process development site or between different development sites in different locations working on the same process.

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