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QuinXell's unique TisXell Regeneration System provides a favourable environment for high growth and high proliferation of cell cultures compared to conventional methods. The biaxial bioreactor controlled environment provides optimal nutrients and gases to growing cells and triggers cellular mechano-transduction signalling pathways to stimulate tissue remodelling onto a three dimensional scaffold.

The integrated solution of the TisXell Regeneration System and scaffolds address tissue engineering applications with unsurpassed perfomance especially for slow growing cells like bone cells, stem cells and primary cells.

The TisXell has a patented biaxial revolution in two independent orthogonal axes (spin and tumble simultaneously). Flexible operational modes are available - biaxial, uniaxial and swing modes.

Salient benefits:
- The TisXell accelerates cell growth, differentiation and cell proliferation, mimicking native extracellular matrix (ECM)
- Supports homogenous cell culture at the surface and core of the 3D scaffolds
- Maintains functionality and viability of tissue constructs (implants)
- Reduces formation of necrotic neo-tissue that interferes with subsequent implantation process
- Promotes integration of implants with surrounding tissue and support the structural integrity in regeneration of tissues and/or organs

Distinctive features:
- Patented biaxial revolution in two independent orthogonal axes (spin and tumble simultaneously)
- Flexible operational modes available – biaxial, uniaxial, swing modes
- Efficient fluid transport within the 3D scaffolds, allowing optimal nutrients and waste exchange to and from the cells, penetrating the deepest core of the scaffolds
- Spherical design of vessel creates a biaxial flow regime that is highly laminar and conducive for growing cells in 3D constructs

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