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QbD using PAT Tools

The trend towards continuous manufacturing has increased the focus on QbD (Quality by Design) and PAT is an important tool for development of the pharmaceutical processes.
Svanholm.com has advanced Analyzers, suitable for increased control ability and optimization of yield.

PAT for solid dose manufacturing:

Mass Spectrometer for solvent drying
Thermo Scientific has recently launched this new opportunity to control drying processes. An example is vacuum drying, where the powder is dried under vacuum and typically with heating.
The new Prima PRO VP is designed to monitor and control up to 10 dryers.

Sentronic proces NIR Spectrometers
Especially designed for fast moving, non-homogeneous samples in GMP.
Powder drying, granulation, blending, assay determination.

PAT for fermentation and cell culture

Mass Spectrometer for fermentation offgas analysis
This MS is based on a very robust, stable and reliable Scanning Magnetic Sector mass filter, and can measure in proces applications like solvent drying, fermentor offgas, PetroChem and Catalysis R&D

SecureCell online Glucose, Lactate, Ammonium and phosphate
Reliable analyzers for fermentation and cell culture substrates and metabolites

Thermo MS for solvent drying

Process NIR Spectrometers
Thermo MS for offgas analysis

SecureCell analyzers
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