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Svanholm.com exhibits at LabMed 2016 in Copenhagen

Svanholm.com greets the interested customers at LabMed 2016.

Svanholm.com sales-team:
Julia Pihl, Alexander Svanholm, Bent Svanholm, Kenneth Rasmussen and Robert Burdorf

Exner Process Equipment GmbH is new supplier for Svanholm.com

We have now expanded our online process measurement portfolio. Exner Process Equipment GmbH, a company established in 2009 to develop and produce high-quality armature and control systems integrating process sensors of variable parameters such as pH/ORP, oxygen, conductivity, and optical sensors into different industrial sectors.
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Marimex Industries GmbH & Co. KG is new supplier for Svanholm.com

We have now expanded our inline portfolio of analyzers for proces optimization with the Marimex inline viscosity solutions. Marimex, an advanced manufacturing company established in 1996, has been providing high quality process viscometers. The inline viscometer solutions from Marimex are robust, reliable and maintenance free. The viscometer installation has no mechanical moving parts, and with a broad range of designs, fittings and adapters, we cover all ranges of viscosity applications. Together with Marimex, Svanholm.com can supply you the best viscosity solution on market to regulate, control and monitor your processes e.g. evaporators, mixers etc.
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Svanholm.com exhibits at LabDays 2015 in Aarhus

Svanholm.com greets the interested customers at LabDays 2015.
Svanholm.com sales-team:
Bent Svanholm, Julia Svanholm, Kenneth Rasmussen and Robert Burdorf

Hamilton buys Fogale Nanotech! - Svanholm.com now sells Hamilton
Hamilton expands their program of sensors with the Fogale sensors for measurement of Viable Cell Density (VCD) and Optical Density (OD).
Svanholm.com continues to sell these VCD and OD sensors, and furthermore Svanholm.com has become an official distributor of all Hamilton sensors in Sweden, Finland and Norway - and continues to sell Hamilton sensors in Denmark.
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SecureCell is new supplier for Svanholm.com in the Nordics, offering online analyzer for glucose, lactate and other substrates.
GlucoMaster measures glucose, and now also glucose and lactate, from fermentors and bioreactors.
MetaMaster series measures a series of metabolites, like lactate, ammonium, glutamine, lactose and phosphate.
Glycan mapping is a new possibility to monitor if mAb or other glycoprotein is correctly glycosylated.
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Svanholm.com represents 2mag parallel bioreactors
The new 2mag bioREACTOR 48 system with 48 parallel micro fermentors in 10 ml size, is a unique tool for strain development, media optimization and Quality by Design (QbD).

2mag bioREACTOR 48 can work with yeast, bacteria and fungi, which makes it ideal for the microbial labroratory.
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Bent Svanholm has joined the Board of directors for ISPE Nordic
As Svanholm.com is well known in biotech business and active within ISPE Nordic, the owner of Svanholm.com has been elected as board member for ISPE Nordic.

Bent Svanholm is still chair for ISPE Nordic Biotech CoP
(Community of Practice).

BlueSens is new supplier for Svanholm.com in Denmark, Norway and Finland.
BlueSens offer robust and versatile single channel gas analyzers for O2 and CO2.
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In June 2011, Svanholm.com was audited by Bureau Veritas Certification, BVQI and awarded certification for Quality Management system according to ISO 9001:2008, without any remarks.
This system confirms the professional work of Svanholm.com, and is the base for further growth.

As Svanholm.com main customers are in the pharmaceutical industry, this certification is necessary to ensure thrust in the quality of the services we offer.
Lasse Ahm Consult gave excellent assistance during the certification work.

Fogale Nanotech launches new BioPod system for gene expression.
The parallel fermentors and bioractors are available in 200 ml total volume with max 100 ml working volume. Microbial fermentation is done with high yield, and system is capable of batch, fed-batch, chemostat and more cultivations. Cell culture system offer same functionality and control as larger bioreactors, but with only little media consumption, and the possibility to run several strains in parallel.
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Svanholm.com is new distributor for CerCell products.
CellTumbler is a new type of rocker system that holds most standard SingleUse bags available, up to 10/20 liters. The system has proven to be reliable and easy to handle, resulting in safe cell culture cultivations. With CellTumbler an affordable start in mammalian cell cultivation is possible, as well as expanding the number of rocker bioreactors in existing labs.
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Sentronic process NIR has been nominated to the FoodTech Innovation Award!
Svanholm.com is exhibiting in Hall M at the FoodPharmaTech trade show 2-4. November 2010 in Herning Messecenter. We will show fermentation and Cell Culture products, from Sensors and Analyzers to fermentors and systems for SingleUse Bioreactors. Also process NIR spectrometers for Solid dose manufacturing, where Sentronic proces NIR has been nominated for the FoodTech Innovation Award! This NIR analyzer is able to handle fast moving solids in a continuous manufacturing process for food and Pharma, like drying and granulation. It can even be mounted directly in a high shear wet granulation for efficient control.
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New mass spectrometer for tough applications
Svanholm.com has the pleasure to present the new Thermo Scientific mass spectrometer Prima Pro. This mass spectrometer is not a Quadrupole MS, with far better performance and specifications. Just one Prima Pro can replace a number of Quadrupole MS and also GC's, where the benefit is better accuracy, more components, higher speed and less maintenance.
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Finesse Solutions systems are market leading in GMP for SingleUse Bioreactors
With the unique SingleUse pH and DO sensors for SingleUse Bioreactors, Finesse Solutions offer a complete package. Having installed numerous systems in GMP, Finesse offer the possibility to do a complete IQ/OQ, so the systems are ready for PQ in a very short time. Finesse systems are divided into PC-based bench-top control, modular systems for R&D and DeltaV based systems for GMP.
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Svanholm.com is exhibiting at ScanLab
At the ScanLab trade show 28-30. September 2010 in Bella Center, you can meet Svanholm.com. We will show fermentation and Cell Culture products, from Sensors and Analyzers to fermentors and systems for SingleUse Bioreactors.

As Svanholm.com is Thermo Scientific distributor, we will be located near the Thermo Scientific booth.
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