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Marimex software

The measurement data gathered by Marimex ViscoScope process viscometers can be transmitted to a PC or laptop via a digital interface. VisConfig is used to configure the transmitter and save the set parameters. The ViscoView® software is an independent program used to record the measurement data and visualise this on a PC or laptop.

VisConfig is used to configure all the transmitters and save the parameters. The software is best installed on a laptop and can be connected to the transmitter directly using the RS232 interface on the front of the instrument. VisConfig allows the user to save the read out parameters. If the parameters have to be changed, these changes are also saved and written to the transmitter. Consequently, a backup and history of the transmitter settings is always available.

VisConfig is required to configure the VS-B450 transmitter as this cannot be performed via keys.

VisConfig can be used to adjust the settings of and save the data from any number of transmitters.

The ViscoView® software solution has been developed for customers who cannot connect the ViscoScope process viscometer to a process control system.

Instead, the transmitter is connected to a PC using the RS232 or RS485 output. ViscoView® gathers the measurement data and presents this in a graphic format. This makes it possible to monitor the process on a PC or even in a network. The measurement values gathered are saved in a .txt file and are available for evaluation at a later date or for performing further calculations.

Only one transmitter can be connected using Version 1.0 of this software. From Version 2.0 onwards, up to 8 transmitters can be connected (via an RS485 interface).

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