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Modular Micro-Reaction Technology

Micro-reaction technology opens up new ways to develop novel reaction processes and to construct advanced economic chemical plants. The advantages of the continuous operation mode in micro-structures are: ultra-fast mixing, highly effective heat transfer, short and controllable residence times, low system inertia for ideal process control and high safety due to extremely low holdup.

The basic features of the micro-reaction technology for the development of new chemical processes and the production, both in the fine and mass chemical sector, offer significant potential for innovation and amortisation. Micro-modules can also be integrated into conventional plants without any problem.

The micro-reaction technology enable to exactly control complex or critical reactions of fine chemistry (special products, agricultural and pharmaceutical chemicals), which considerably increases the operational safety of the chemical production.

The future technology of customised materials is not imaginable without micro-technology, as well. Microreactors allow the selective generation of nanoparticles for micro-electronics, the development of drug delivery systems for human medicine, and the realisation of new concepts within diagnostics. Micro-reaction modules enable basis process operations such as:
- Mixing
- Dispersing
- Gassing
- Precipitation
- Heat Exchange, etc.

The modules can flexibly be interconnected to precisely controllable reaction plants, with which a wide range of chemical syntheses can be conducted easily, quickly and cost-effective. The modular micro-reaction System represents an unique research and development platform for the development of new processes, both in laboratory scale and small-scale production. In addition, high flow modules are available, which also enable the mass production of chemicals.

Dependent on the reaction conditions, these modules cover a flow rate ranging from 0.1 to 100 ml/min with the modular micro-reaction system, and up to 1000 litres/hour with the high flow modules. The modular micro-reaction system represents a unique tool for researchers out of the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, to both develop new synthesis methods for the production of new chemical compounds and to improve existing methods.

Salient Features
- Ideal ultra-fast mixing effect
- Extremely short holding times
- Avoidance of by-products
- Robust against strong exothermal reaction
- Increased operational safety
- Minimal requirements to ambient conditions
- Without scale-up in the production scale

The Micro-reaction Technology enables to conduct single-stage and multi-stage syntheses throughout the whole range of research and development right to the production of chemical substances. Hereby, it is both possible to conduct reactions in the liquid and gas phases, as well as multi-phase in heterogeneous systems in the micro-reaction modules. In addition, there are special modules for the continuous precipitation of solids into microstructures so that it is also possible to process liquids carrying particles.

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