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Automatic Laboratory Reactor Systems

Automated laboratory reaction systems are an absolute necessity for today's product and process development and optimisation. Due to the much more intensive utilisation of the laboratory resources and the relief of the laboratory staff from routine activities, they pay off very quickly. They are a sure way to achieve maximum reproducibility, an increase of quality and gain new knowledge. Conventional laboratory reactor automation systems are limited to simple syntheses and are therefore no longer able to meet today's requirements.

The fully-automateded HiTec Zang laboratory reactor systems are available as single and parallel reactor plants. Apart from the standard configurations, you can choose the set-up of the plant which accords to your demands from HiTec Zang's LabKit program.

Standard Systems
The following depicted standard systems; LabKit-alr1, LabKit-alr2 and HiClave are complete and ready-to-use Automatic Laboratory Reactor Systems (ALR). They are suited for deployment in laboratories, pilot plants and miniplants. They can be aligned according to spacial conditions and upgraded by auxiliary modules.

Parallel Reactor Systems
The HiTec Zang parallel reactor systems MultiLab and MiniLab significantly support and expedite research and development processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The flexibility of the parallel reactor systems overcomes the throughput restrictions of today's research and development processes.

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