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Hitec Zang GmbH, a company established in 1979 to manufacture fully automated benchtop, laboratory and mini plant systems for the biotech, pharma, chemistry, and food industries. The range of products contain laboratory automation, pilot plants, laboratory apparatus, and customized solutions. Hitec Zang has specialized in special and customized solutions for fermentation and cell culture applications.


As an international acting R&D company, HiTec Zang offers a complete line of new and innovative products, which are divided into the following compartments:

Automatic Laboratory Reactor Systems
Automated laboratory reaction systems are an absolute necessity for today's product and process development and optimization. Due to the much more intensive utilization of the laboratory resources and the relief of the laboratory staff from routine activities, they pay off very quickly.

Modular Micro-Reaction Technology
Micro-reaction technology opens up new ways to develop novel reaction processes and to construct advanced economic chemical plants. The advantages of the continuous operation mode in micro-structures are: ultra-fast mixing, highly effective heat transfer, short and controllable residence times, low system inertia for ideal process control and high safety due to extremely low hold-up.

Fermentation Technology
HiTec Zang developes and produces standardized and customer specific single- and parallel-fermenter-systems and components for laboratories and pilot plant stations.

Liquid Handling and Autosampler
HiTec Zang offers sampling systems and pipetting robots as well as syringe dosers, peristaltic pumps and sample collectors (and dispensers).

LabManager System
The LabManager system is an automation and/or process control system, which is specially suited for laboratories, pilot plant stations, mini and pilot-plant equipment. It is suitable for the automation of virtually all chemical-procedures reaching from batch, semi-batch and continuous processes.The LabManager system was developed in close cooperation with specialists from laboratories and pilot plant stations of major chemical companies.

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