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Flo-Cal calorimeter

Measuring the Heating Value of Combustible Gases

With gaseous fuel blending operations, it is critical to stay within environmental regulations and burner specifications.

Effective monitoring of biogas content and purity requires effective instrumentation.
The Thermo Scientific Flo-Cal is an online, high-speed calorimeter that measures the heating value of gas compositions in either Wobbe Index or Calorific Value.
It features quick response and is easy to maintain and calibrate.

When used for biogas measurement, the Flo-Cal provides critical information that enables automatic control of auxiliary fuel additions to ensure regulations are safely and continuously met.

- Biogas purity monitoring
- Feed forward combustion control
- Mixing and blending of gas streams
- Fuel and flare gas quality monitoring
- Off-gas heating value
- LPG/air blending
- Coke oven and blast furnace
- Furnace and boiler control
- Landfill gas monitoring

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Flo-Cal calorimeter
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