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Continuous solid dose manufacturing using NIR

The pharmaceutical industry is turning towards continuous manufacturing, and leaving the traditional batch processing.

The gives the advantages of Quality by Design (QbD), where the quality is build into the products by design, thus replacing final product testing.
To achieve this, PAT tools like NIR spectrometers are employed. With varying raw materials, the process can be controlled achieving the optimal end product.

SentroPAT FO spectrometer with SentroProbe DR LS is the ideal PAT tool for solid dose manufacturing. NIR diode array spectrometers can measure blending, drying, granulation and compressing applications. View publication.
It delivers precise data in real-time on input materials, process progress, product homogeneity and the optimum process end-point.

The control of continuous processing of solid dose requires robust, fast and reliable NIR equipment. Diode array NIR monitors the complete wavelength range simultaneously, and therefore has the whole spectrum measured on the same material, with no need for averaging to get a good spectrum.
Measurements are performed within milliseconds, ensuring a lot of unique spectra with intact physical information (i.e. particle size). The measured material adds up to a significant measured sample volume within just 1 second, due to the fast measurement and big spot size (Hammond, EuPAT5 2012).

SentroPAT FO uses a very fast and accurate diode array NIR spectrometer, to measure fast moving in-homogeneous product streams.
A redundant light source mounted in the probe combined with proven optics, is the key to a very good signal/noise ratio and high reliability.
Fluid-bed granulation, fluid-bed drying, roller compaction, compressing, and even a high shear wet granulator can be monitored online.

The system is available in different configurations, where it as a multi channel NIR spectrometer saves cost.

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