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Blend Uniformity for Pharmaceutical Solid Dose

Once the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) has been manufactured, it needs to be blended with one or more excipients prior to pressing into tablets.

This blending is often made in a rotating blender.
SentroPAT BU NIR spectrometer (NIRs) is a complete solution for blending monitoring.
Mounted directly on the rotating blender, this Near Infrared Analyzer can be used as a key element for real-time release by on-line making the blend uniformity analysis.

When a time-based control is used, there is a risk of over-blending the powder.
With SentroPAT BU a spectrum or several NIR spectra are taken for every rotation. By looking at the standard deviation, this NIR Analyzer can let the operator monitor the homogeneity online through the build-in WiFi connection - without spending time on chemometrics. View publication.

Besides monitoring the homogeneity of the blend, chemometric pre-processing and prediction can be applied to measure the concentration of API also known as assay or Blend Potency (CU). View publication.

A Tunable laser based MEMS spectrometer is used in SentroPAT BU.
High analytical sensitivity is achieved by the combination of superior optical resolution and low noise.

SentroPAT BU is suitable for both small rotating blenders, as well as big blenders in a GMP production facility.
The pressed tablets can also be monitored for homogeneity.

SentroPAT BU
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