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BioInicia, an advanced engineering company established in 2009, developing and manufacturing equipment to fabricate novel materials as well as nanomaterials for cosmetics, biomedical, food and pharma applications among others. BioInicia's technology can be applied in areas as diverse as filtration, plastic fibres, textiles, purification, packaging, nutrition, controlled release, implants, etc.


BioInicia offers a line of manufacturing equipment that scales from table-top equipment for the lab space to fully automated equipment for industrial manufacturing.

Fluidnatek is BioInicia’s innovative line of electrospinning and electrospraying equipment. The Fluidnatek lab-to-fab line of products includes both basic and advanced laboratory equipment, as well as pilot and industrial production tools.

Fluidnatek Technology: How does it work?
Over the past decade the electro-stretching (eStretching) of liquids has been gathering increasing interest from academia and industry. This technology, through its two main approaches (electrospinning and electrospraying) provides for the development and production of novel micro, submicro, and nanomaterials for a variety of different applications

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