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Parallel fermentors for strain development + media optimization

2mag presents the bioREACTOR 48 system for fermentation of yeast, bacteria and filamentous fungi in 48 parallel controlled 10 ml Single Use fermentors.
It can also be used for biocatalysis.

The system is ideal for efficient strain development and media optimization. It is designed for easy and fast setup, and besides saving time, it also saves media.

Each small fermentor is equipped with optical pH and DO measurements from PreSens.

A bioREACTOR 48 system can be used stand-alone or can be combined with robotics. Robotics enables pH-control, sample taking, optical density measurements and fed-batch cultivations.

Studies have shown that bioREACTOR 48 gives comparable yield and growth rate as a fermentor in liter scale, which enables downscaling for efficient process optimization.

It is also possible to use bioREACTOR 48 as a fast, efficient and reliable optimization of pretreatment, and to optimize the reaction conditions for the hydrolysis of biomass.

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Examples of published articles:
Yeast and E. coli in bioREACTOR 48, compared with 23 liter fermentor
E. coli fed-batch in bioREACTOR 48, compared with 3 liter fermentor
Filamentous bacteria Streptomyces tendae scaling in bioREACTOR 48
Study of biphasic E. coli whole-cell biocatalysis with ionic liquids
Anaerobic acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation in bioREACTOR 48
Optimization of pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat straw

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2mag - 48 parallel Single Use

2mag bioREACTOR 48
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