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2mag magnetic stirrers

2mag has more than 30 years experience in the development and production of magnetic and inductive drive concepts like i.e. magnetic stirrers.

The stirrers are divided into 4 main types:
- Stirrers with internal control unit
- Stirrers with external control unit
- Cell Culture stirrers that does not apply heat to the culture
- Heatable stirring systems with external control unit

Download the 2mag stirrer catalogue
Here you can also find submersible stirrers in many sizes.

You can buy 2mag magnetic stirrers at:
Denmark: Ninolab A/S
Sweden: Svanholm.com
Norway: Svanholm.com
Finland: Svanholm.com

Outside the Nordics: Visit 2mag for more information

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2mag - Expert in stirrers

2mag magnetic stirrer with power
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