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Welcome to Svanholm.com - Here you will find high-end solutions within our main business areas:

The products and solutions are carefully selected, and each represents the best in their class.

Combined with professional guidance and many years of experience, you will receive the best possible service when working with Svanholm.com.

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Exner Process Equipment GmbH is new supplier for Svanholm.com

We have now expanded our online process measurement portfolio. Exner Process Equipment GmbH, a company established in 2009 to develop and produce high-quality armature and control systems.

Marimex Industries GmbH & Co. KG is new supplier for Svanholm.com

We have now expanded our inline portfolio of analyzers for proces optimization with the Marimex inline viscosity solutions. Marimex, an advanced manufacturing company established in 1996, has been providing high quality process viscometers. Together with Marimex, Svanholm.com can supply you the best viscosity solution on market to regulate, control and monitor your processes e.g. evaporators, mixers etc.

Svanholm.com shows lab-equipment and solutions at LabDays 2015 in Aarhus

See the exhibition and the Svanholm.com sales-team

B&W Tek is new supplier for Svanholm.com

B&W Tek, an advanced instrumentation company, has been providing Raman spectroscopy, modular spectrometers, and laser solutions for a variety of industries.

Hamilton buys Fogale!

Hamilton, known for high quality pH and DO sensors, has purchased Fogale Nanotech.
Svanholm.com has now become an official Hamilton distributor, and all Hamilton sensors can be purchased at Svanholm.com in the Nordic countries.

NanoAnalytics is new
supplier for Svanholm.com

Offering the CellZscope that measures the transepithelial / -endothelial resistance (TER) and capacitance of cell layers. This can be used to study the influence of a drug on the barrier function of cell layers.

Newly launched BenchTop Mass Spectrometer
Thermo Scientific has released a benchtop version of their process MS, Prima PRO called Prima BT, with same specifications and for 14 fermentors/Bioreactors.

SecureCell is new
supplier for Svanholm.com

Offering online analyzers for glucose, lactate, ammonia, phosphate and glutamine. The analyzers are designed for fermentors and bioreactors from small scale to production.

Welcome to the new 2mag micro bioreactors
48 parallel micro bioreactors makes a powerful tool for strain development and media optimization.

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